Our Clients

Krupner Invention Lab

Engineering consulting company. Their professional team of engineers and designers is eager to deliver new inventions to the market or improve existing product. They adept at solving complicated design challenges. Have an extensive experience in product design, prototyping, manufacturing and project management. The team members possess a solid project initiation and conceptual design experience.

Toronto Paint Store

We use the highest quality products to put that smile on our customers faces. As an independently owned store you’ll experience a level of service you no longer existed while supporting your local community. We’re proud to deliver the kind of specialized attention and help that you simply won’t find in larger chain stores.

Finno Fishing

On the Aland Islands, a sufficiently large number of tourist sites, but with all the diversity, it is often quite difficult to find what you want. The criteria for the requests of our compatriots vary greatly, but in general, everyone wants to find a good home, located in a beautiful place, with good boats and what fish would be caught on every cast. There are practically no satisfying conditions for these conditions, perhaps, with the exception of Finno's cottage.

Donna Chudnow


Donna's paintings are a portrayal of the lifelong influence that nature plays in my life. My passion for landscape art emerged from her love and wonder of nature. Her paintings reveal the sheer beauty and glory of nature and the joy that I feel being both a spectator and a participant.